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Therapy Tubs, Inc., Bathroom Remodeling  WalkIn Tubs, Temecula, CA

Walk in Bathtub Hydrotherapy Systems


Walkin Bathtub Soaker System

Walkin Bathtub Hydrotherapy Soaker

The human body should lose up to 90% of its body weight when floating in water. A walk in bathtub also allows you to sit comfortably and safely while you bathe with the hand held shower wand if you decide not to fill the tub. Our tubs are so easy to access that bathing becomes an effortless experience.

Walkin Bathtub Hydrosystem

Walkin Bathtub Hydro Massage System

Nothing soothes quite like a warm hydro massage bath. You'll feel stress and tension melt away as you experience the soothing waters of our Hydro Massage system. Simply lie back and feel your muscles relaxing and your aching joints reinvigorate. With the Hydro Massage system, an ordinary bath turns into a day at a revitalizing spa. Our Hydro Massage system coupled with our deep, comforting tubs give you a thorough soak and a relaxing water massage. Aches and pains should wash down the drain.

syllentTherapy Tubs® is proud to offer the revolutionary Syllent motor-pumps in our jetted walk-in tubs. The Syllent motor-pump maintains the water temperature, thus eliminating the need for a heater and additional power requirements. The Syllent motor-pump provides a comfortable whirlpool bath, keeping the water warm as it circulates. The whirling waters relax and soothes tired muscles as you simply sit enjoying the comfort of your Therapy Tub, as if you were enjoying a first-class spa in your very own home. Calm, Therapeutic and Relaxing. The Syllent motor-pump is also energy efficient. http://www.syllent.com

Walkin Bathtub Air Massage System

Walkin Bathtub Air Massage System

Therapy Tubs' Air Massage system features 20 individual jets placed around the tub. These jets send relaxing air bubbles into the water, soothing your aching muscles and rejuvenating your entire body. Your hands, feet, and limbs will feel fantastic after a bath with our Air Massage system. The comforts of a first-class spa are brought to your own home.

Walkin Bathtub Dualsystem

Walkin Bathtub Hydro and Air Massage System

Our walk-in bathtubs go from fantastic to phenomenal when paired with our Hydro and Air Massage system. The two systems provide a complete bathing experience. The relaxing and rejuvenating powers of our Hydro and Air Massage systems are unparalleled. After a long day, nothing makes the body feel better than a thorough soak in a Therapy Tub. Our revolutionary systems promise a deep cleansing with calming hydrotherapy. Our Hydro and Air Massage systems offer a superior bathing experience in your own home.